Venus-Serena, the best pair of sisters in the world of sports

The Williams Sisters offer a radically new perception of the sporting approach, transforming the public’s view of the glamorous individuals who rule the game, which has its origins in the nobility. Roger Federer once said that the presence of Venus, Serena, is an assurance of the success of every tournament.

Together, Venus and Serena have shared 30 individual Grand Slam titles, or 37% of the overall number of Grand Slams since 1997, when they started investigating and overcoming the top wars. If you let all of them mix doubles, the record is 14 Grand Slams and note that the 14 “generic” titles are held just 19 times in the same court. The cumulative prize money of the two cousins has crossed USD 130 million and that amount will not stop because, at the age of U40, the two are still difficult to train and test their limits.

Venus and Serena have literally breached all the walls that have traditionally been believed in tennis for decades. Before them, the event where a woman of color actually won the Grand Slam took place … 

Half a century ago, as Althea Gibson was crowned at the US Open in 1958

When she told CNN in 2004, Venus said that as soon as she made her first earnings, her sisters thought of reinvesting, developing the science of competition to build a long-term career. They’re interested in even the slightest specifics, such as the stress of the racquets, the tape against the wrists. “Once defined as a professional tennis player, all is the same,” Serena told the Washington Post in 2013.

Recent World No. 1 Venus Williams also expressed that she wanted to rematch with her sister Serena. “An opponent against whom I would play?” Of course, it was Serena, “the 41-year-old media player,” every match with Serena always gives me a special feeling, no matter if the outcome will win or lose. Still according to Venus, she and Serena are hoping to stage a success match later this year in New York, USA.