Messi confessed his fault and Barca welcomed a 25 million euro American prodigy

Messi has just terminated his deal with Barcelona but now, he has publicly acknowledged that he was liable last time in Barcelona for generating chaos. The Nou Camp squad has, meanwhile, been told that a prodigy in American football is being recruited.

Lionel Messi ended in Round 2 (Barca’s first round match against Elche was postponed) at Barcelona’s last league debut, 28 September, when they were nicknamed Villarreal. 

It was just a effective punishment, but the target of the Nou Camp was beneficial for “La Pulga.” After Agustín ‘Piru’ Gaínza, Carlos Alonso, Santillana and Sergio Ramos, Lionel Messi has been the fifth player in history to score 17 consecutive seasons in La Liga.

Messi recently publicly confided his inability to generate turmoil after he said he wanted to break up with Barca this year in the summer transfer window in an interview with the Sport Newspaper (famous Sports Daily in Catalunya, Barca)

The good news has just arrived in Barcelona when they get a good rookie. Sergiño Dest (Ajax Amsterdam) is a 19-year-old rectangular. 

Late evening, the American football player traveled to El Prat airport (Barcelona, Spain), and all of the most popular spanish sportive newspapers like Sport or Mundo Deportivo were released as a video clip and switched to the car at once to schedule the signature of the deal for the Barca headquarters.

American soccer prodigy Sergiño Dest is going to be Barca’s contribution to the right-back role

Barca had to pay 25 million euros, the sport newspaper said (almost 680 billion dongs), on hiring Ajax’s Sergiño Dest.

Sergiño Dest played 35 games and scored 2 goals for Ajax in his first career season last season. He played at the National Dutch Championship (Eredivisie) three times this season before leaving for Barca with the Amsterdam Arena Hometown Team.

The Nou Camp squad will be the sixth rookie in this summer market , followed by Miralem Pjanic, Matheus Fernandes, Gustavo Maia, Trincão and Pedri.