Brazil had trouble winning over Venezuela

Without Neymar and Coutinho, the reigning champions Copa America won just 1-0 in the third round of the 2022 World Cup in South America on 13 November.

In the first half, Venezuela battled successfully and stood firm

Brazil played almost 10 players on the opposite side, but was unable to find an opportunity to score. In the eighth minute, Richarlison put the ball in Venezuela’s net, but the referee did not notice the goal.

In the first 45 minutes, the midline was Brazil’s greatest constraint. Without Coutinho, the player who was hurt in Barca, the middle class appears to lose its imagination. Douglas Luiz has also struggled to pass. Allan has also played without ideas, far from the way he has flourished in Napoli and Paddy over the last few years. 

The Brazilian striker trio was also hurt by the lack of Neymar, who had to report to PSG for injury care. Without the number 10, the player who substituted Richarlison was just a shadow relative to himself. Midwayer Midwayer Ribeiro is always forced to tape up to assist.

In the 33rd minute, Brazil lost almost an opportunity in the first half. From a gap of just five meters, Jesus cushioned the ball, after a cross on the left foot. Richarlison reached the kick at a close distance, but the ball only missed the post with a small margin. 

The place of Brazil was still lighter after the break. The inclusion of Lucas Paqueta, who replaced Douglas Luiz, allowed the home team to be more patient and calm in their assistance. 

Brazil still had to rely on chance, however to score a decisive goal. Playing very well from the beginning of the game, but the middleman Yordan Osorio unexpectedly made the mistake of hitting Firmino’s head with the ball. In an empty place just five meters from the goal, the Liverpool club striker easily reached the Venezuelan net.