Beat Dustin Johnson – Jon Rahm gets first winner at Fedex Cup playoffs

Ending the crazy BMW 2020 championship with golfer Jon Rah ‘s victory, this helped Jon Rah defeat Dustin Johnson to secure his first Fedex Cup playoff secure next week.

To beat Dustin Johnson in the bottom hole to win the BMW Championship, John Rahm scored a birdie of almost 20.1 meters

It can be seen that the BMW Championship 2020 finished in an unattractive way with the competition of 2 golfers to win the title of the championship and leaving many memorable emotions for the fans.

The last round at Olympia Fields, par70, registered John Rahm reaching 64 strokes, smashing the top score of the league – 66 strokes he set himself in the penultimate round. Meanwhile, with 67 strokes, Dustin Johnson finished 18 holes. Due to the same finish at-4, all sides must determine whether to win or fail at 18 par4, 498 yards.

Dustin Johnson grabs the left tree and drops it out into the fairway. John Rahm went in the same direction, too, but went ashore, 366 yards down. They both went green after the second attempt, but Dustin Johnson had an edge over John Rahm because he was closer to the hole. With the next ball spot, John Rahm put it first. 20.1 meters from the mouth of the goal, the left putt is selected. John Rahm rolled the club face with enough power, lowered the ball to the top of the hill, and then to the crater to gather the birds. And Johnson had just hit par after two putts.

It was the loss of Dustin Johnson at the BMW Championship that helped John Rahm win his first win and a better advantage in the FedEx Cup. 

The BMW Championship 2020 became the toughest tour of the PGA tour season when just five golfers finished with a negative score including John Ram (-4), Joaquin Nieman and Hideki Matsuyama (-2) and Tony Finau (-1) 

And with a max of +11 points after four rounds, Tiger Woods won’t be able to make it to the Tour Championship next week when it comes to the 63rd FedEx Cup.