Barcelona has received excellent news: Messi has delivered a decision, and the pay dispute has been settled

Barcelona has been hit hard financially due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly the tremendous salary of the stars. But more recently, they have reached an understanding on this case.

According to a new financial survey, Barcelona’s debt doubled during the 2019/2020 season due to the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic. The Club de Catalunya had to limit its wage fund to £342 million, down 43 per cent from the previous amount of £601.5 million.

During the previous season, the heads of Barcelona were incessantly agreeing with the players on pay cuts for the club’s benefit. Stars like Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Gerard Pique, Frenkie De Jong and Clement Lenglet have all extended their contracts earlier this month. Many of these players committed to a temporary cut of 30% of the salaries at the time of signing. 

However the rest of the Barcelona stars are also lagging behind in negotiating pay increases, including No. 1 star Lionel Messi, who earns the team’s highest salary of up to £900,000 a week. Just recently, the Nou Camp team reported that the Argentine superstar, the rest of the players and the coaching staff had decided to slash salaries.

The possibility that Messi and his teammates plan to slash pay will help Barca save up to EUR 122 million

In addition, the Catalunya club announced that they had delayed a further £45 million in assorted payments over a three-year term.

Today, the parties have reached an understanding, in principle, to allow for a pay increase for the current season to the sum of € 122 million in fixed salaries, in addition to a 3-year gap in replaceable wages. It’s improved after this season. The figure is roughly EUR 50 million.

Currently, Barcelona has a bad start in La Liga this season starting 13th with 11 points after 8 matches. In the Champions League, Messi and his teammates soon took part in the group stage with outstanding accomplishments after winning four matches.