Arsenal’s best team in the era of the Premier League

Goal Newspaper has just published a list of the 10 greatest players on the Emirates Stadium Squad for over 20 years.

The goaltender: David Seaman. Seaman is one of the best goaltenders in the history of Arsenal. Seaman won 9 separate big and small titles in 13 seasons with the London Gunners, including 2 straight Premier League titles.

Right-back: Lauren. Former Cameroon National Player won 2 of the Arsenal Color English Championships. 

Lauren was a part of Gunner’s landmark 2004-2003 season

Center-back: Tony Adams. Tony got the Gunners captainship at the age of 21 and didn’t give it up for the next 14 years. He joined with Steve Bould to create the excellent defensive pair of Arsenal.

Center-back: this is Sol Campbell. Acquiring Cambell to play for the Emirate Stadium Squad is perceived to be the best bargain in the history of the Premier League. At Arsenal, the 46-year-old former defenseman had a brilliant performance with two Premier League titles and 195 appearances.

Right-back: Ashley Cole. Cole is considered to be the greatest left-back of his generation. He won two EPL titles, with 156 appearances in the colors of Arsenal. 

Right center: Ray Parlor. Parlor is the top player of the Gunners with 333 appearances. During his time with the Gunners, he won three EPL titles.

Central Midwayer: Patrick Vieira. Vieira had an illustrious career with the team at the Emirates Stadium. 400 appearances, 3 Premier League trophies, 4 FA Cup trophies are his remarkable successes with the Gunners after 9 years.

Central center: Gilberto Silva. Silva shone in particular after winning the 2002 FIFA World Cup with Brazil. He has been an important element in the Gunners’ undefeated campaign for the 2004-2003 period.

Striker: Thierry Henry. This famous striker contributed greatly to the London Gunners’ final of the Champions League in 2006. In the 2005-06 season, the French player wore the arsenal armband.

Striker: Dennis Bergkamp, guy. In the early years of the Arsene Wenger era, Bergkamp is regarded by critics to be one of the best players of the Gunners.